Frequently Asked Qs

It is my first time seeing a companion, and I don’t know what to do. Are there any tips you can suggest that would make our meeting go smoothly?
Oooh, I’m so glad you asked! First of all, I absolutely love good grammar and complete sentences when you send me a booking email. Seriously, being able to spell is a huge turn-on. I especially love when potential friends send me all their screening information in the initial email.
When we meet in person, please put the envelope with donation in a place where I can see it. Having to ask is always awkward and spoils the mood. Good hygiene is also important. I have towels and toiletries at my incall location should you wish to freshen up. Furthermore, booking a few days in advance is greatly appreciated and gives me more time to prepare for our rendezvous :)

Are you able to host appointments?
I am! I have a lovely apartment on the Upper East Side for hosting clients.

What is your idea of a perfect date? 
Hmm...I love trying new things so I would have to say any date where I am able to experience something I haven't tried before is a good bet.. That being said, I would be happy to give recommendations for our date if you are unsure what to do. I am pretty laid-back and would be just as happy enjoying a stroll in the park as I would eating at a fancy restaurant. I do love eating good food in addition to partaking in cultural  activities, such as going to a museum exhibit or seeing an off-Broadway play. Also, I kind of have a penchant for dive bars so I wouldn't be opposed to seeking one out ;) 

I am concerned about my privacy. Why do I need to give you my employment information if I don’t have references?
If you do not have references, I request employment information in order to verify you are who you say you are and ensure my safety. This way, I can be comfortable during our meeting, which will ensure a better experience for you. Furthermore, I will never disclose personal information to anyone. Disclosing information would put my privacy at risk as well, which I do not wish to do.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you are a new client and cancel our first meeting, I request a 50% deposit in order to rebook. If for any reason I cancel a meeting and you have paid a deposit, I will refund your deposit in full.

Can I bring some libations to our meeting?
Of course! I love sharing a bottle of wine or champagne with clients. I ask that anything you bring be unopened. I love a good bottle of Malbec or Riesling, as well as Perrier Jouet champagne.