One Hour / Introduction $800

One and a Half Hours / Getting Cozy $1,200

Two Hours / Tryst $1,400

Three Hours / A Proper Date $2,000

Four Hours / Dinner & Desert $2,500

Six Hours / Let's Explore the City $3,000

Fourteen Hours / Overnight $4,000

Day Rate / $5,000

*Lady clients are always welcome, as are couples. Please add $200 for couples. 
*I reserve the right to request a deposit if our meeting requires me to travel or if you have a history of cancellations.

 *Menage a Trois with a friend! I especially enjoy playing with my lovely duet partner, Elspeth Sinclair. Click on the link to see her website,or in the meantime, check out some photos of us playing together :) 

NYC Escort

Elspeth & Quinn